The charm of handmade jewelry

François Deniau, crafter of cut stone jewelry, specialised in plugs and tunnels creation.

Created in 2017, Obsilium is a handcrafted jewelry workshop specialised in plugs ans tunnels. Its amibition is to increase the value of so called “ordinary” stones in order to enhance their astonishing elegance and their unexpected richness. Discover its creations through the shop and the gallery and enjoy the personalisation opportunity through the contact form. Obsilium is also a workshop attached to its ethical, human and ecological values as you can notice below.


Ethical code

I do no intensive digging in order to obtain raw material I need, and which comes from quarries that do not exploit the workers. Obsilium doesn't resort to over-transportation in the course of carrying the rocks from the quarries to its workshop. Following this principle, I favour avoiding large-scale transportation to dispatch finished pieces of jewellery (no delivery costs to France). Through my creations, I assure you a clean conscience.


I offer a free quote to give you complete freedom of expressing your desires. Each project is unique, therefore I take care of your every request. By chosing Obsilium, you chose a piece of jewellery that corresponds to you.


I make sure of presenting the most neutral materials possible among my products. Therefore, my untreated minerals and diamond tools are always carefully selected. Additionally, the prototypes are tested before being offered for sale. By trusting Obsilium, you gain the guarantee not to worry.


You can easily contact me in order to talk about your project, I really want to make sure I fully understand what what you are willing. And once you receive the pieces of jewellery, I care about your complete satisfaction and remain available for any question.

A piece of jewelry that suits you

Compose together with me your own piece of jewelry through a free quote without obligation to purchase


Let’s begin by chosing the shape you wish.

The preselection let you chose among various common shapes (plugs, tunnels, convexe, concave).
If you are willing to go further by chosing a unique and personalised shape or a pattern, Obsilium enables it. The gallery can be a source of inspiration for your future design, so don’t hesitate and have a look.





Black Galaxy



Marbre de Fagernich

Marbre de Carrare



Marbre vert des Alpes

Quartz rose



Let’s focus on the rocks now.

You can discover the range of minerals Obsilium decided to work and select the one you like the best.
The articles I wrote might satisfy your stonelover curiosity incidentally.


Let’s finish with the size.

You will notice that plugs and tunnels from 3 mm to 50 mm wide are presented in the shop, however, do not restrain yourself! Obsilium happened to craft plugs with an up to 15 cm diameter, your project might consequently have no limit!

Obsilium, partner of Contraseptik


Qui suis-je ?

Créée par François DENIAU,

la marque Obsilium est en contrat CAPE

avec Artenréel, une SCOP Strasbourgeoise.

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